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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hair Loss Among Men Could Help Predict Risk of Prostate Cancer.

Anew research has shown that hair loss among men could help predict risk of prostate cancer. The team of researchers at the University of Toronto team evaluated cases of male pattern baldness and found a strong link between hair loss and prostate cancer risk. The Canadian research team added that high level of testosterone is considered as a reason behind hair loss and prostate malignancy. However, men facing hair loss should not start worrying about the results of this study. Majority of men suffer male pattern baldness as they age and the percentage of bald men rises with age. The research team from the University of Toronto checked medical records and male pattern baldness among 400 men who came to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto for prostate biopsy. The research team asked these men about their degree of baldness at age 30. Their current hair loss status was also checked and evaluated on the Norwood scale A study published by the U.S. National Cancer Institute said that men with moderate baldness were more likely to suffer prostate cancer. The University of Toronto team found that men with higher extent of baldness had higher chances of suffering from prostate cancer, among the 400 men who came to Princess Margaret Cancer Center for testing. continue