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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The 7 hurdles to scale before you can succeed in business.

The startup grind, are you ready? Why do some people succeed in business, while others stutter, stumble and fail? Think about it for a moment. Successful entrepreneurs come in all forms, shapes and sizes. They don’t particularly fall into any specific categories that make them special. 1)Fear; Fear is the biggest hurdle of all. It’s not the most dangerous hurdle, but it’s the most common one that afflicts people who want to start a business and become entrepreneurs. But why is fear so common? Why does it exist? The fact is, fear exists because of uncertainty. The less we know about the outcome of something, the more afraid we are. That’s why the fear of failure is the biggest fear of all when it comes to starting a business.The fear of failure is so powerful and domineering that more than 95 percent of people who have brilliant business ideas cannot act on these ideas because they’re too afraid to fail. 2) Perfection ;When it comes to business and entrepreneurship, getting started is always better than being perfect.Starting a business is like learning to walk. When you were a baby, you didn’t have to wait until the perfect time, and then suddenly start to walk. Babies start by crawling, and then they learn to stand, and then make several attempts to walk. The first time they walk it’s not perfect and most babies stumble and fall, but they always stand up again because they know that every new attempt they make brings them better at walking. 3) Law of bounce;Successful entrepreneurs have a high bounce, they always bounce back up whenever they hit the ground. Disappointments, problems and challenges are normal in entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs factor in setbacks when starting or running a business. 4) Unbelief ; you must believe in yourself,your product and basically belief that you have what it takes to deliver. Starting and running a business is tough and only people with a strong and positive mindset can survive the rough seas of entrepreneurship. A positive mindset is the key. 5) Myopic vision; most people have a short term approach to business,they want instant success. Building a business takes time and needs constant tugging at ,with a picture-perfect vision on the long term. 6)Procrastination; like they say its the thief of time.Delaying your startup only prolongs the learning curve and delays the expected income. Start now or never. 7) ...... fill in the blank.Think about it,what is holding you back,what is the glass ceiling all about? Think about it and cross the hurdle and get to work.