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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blood bank for cats.

A blood bank for cats is run in Australia ,giving hope to cats who need blood transfusions to recover from trauma and anemia and to survive major surgery or cancer.The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University treats and saves many critically ill cats at its emergency clinic, the demand for blood has continued to rise and the hospital is calling on donors to keep the blood bank functioning. Donor cats get a free vet examination with every donation and the pool of donors is made up with felines owned by veterinary staff and students. In the past and in a lot of smaller clinics, if a vet had a patient that needed a blood transfusion, they would often pop home and get their dog or cat, bring it in and collect a blood donation. The blood bank has changed all that,where blood is pooled from donors and used when needed. Harry almost died from blood poisoning but was saved by transfusion from the community blood bank ,now Harry donates blood to the center to help other cats. The recovery is fine and the cat doesn’t suffer in any way. The procedure for donation is simple, it involves dropping your cat off at the clinic in the morning and pickup your cat at the end of the day. Cats who give blood are given anesthesia during the procedure. source