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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Technological advancement in veterinary medicine.

There are significant technological advances available to practitioners as many practices now have complete in-house diagnostics for blood chemistry and blood counts. Test results can now be obtained within a half hour versus being sent out to an overnight referral laboratory. The diagnostic devices also include computerized ECG and digital radio graphs ,which eliminates x-ray film as all the images are uploaded to a computer. These can be sent anywhere by email if needed for further analysis. Ultrasound technology has also improved, allowing for early detection of pregnancies or even some abdominal diseases, resulting in earlier diagnosis and treatment. surgeons are trading scalpel for surgical laser as it is now used routinely for certain procedures. Kittens can now go home the day after a declaw surgery in much more comfort and with no stitches or bandages. These surgeries can be followed by a separate laser as a form of therapy that reduces postoperative inflammation and facilitates healing. An important part of animal health continues to be dental health. Now with digital dental radio graphs and refined oral surgery instruments, the common dental cleaning can help prevent future disease. Portable dental units have been designed to provide ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and high-speed drilling for oral surgery. It has been proven that bacteria from dental disease can decrease health by attacking internal organs. Mobile apps and devices such as trackers have found a place in practice,drones have been used in certain areas to collect/deliver samples to areas that are not motor able. The digital revolution has taken a new turn as the surgeon can access information at the speed of light and also with the touch of an app monitor clients,check appointments and even examine a patient via the phone. Veterinarians can easily connect with colleagues mile -away,offering tips and updates about a case and then there is the possibility of participating in a surgery iles away from your location without moving,all possible by mobile phones,apps and a data platform.