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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The secret of raising pigs from a millionaire farmer.

GASPARD Kabalisa is a management consultant, who has exploited his entrepreneurship and managerial experience and skills to rake in millions from pig rearing. Kabalisa currently owns a model piggery with 70 pigs at Gasanze cell in Nduba sector, Gasabo District. Kabalisa says he started the farm in 2012 with a partner, who later pulled out because of financial reasons. Piggery has many advantages to a farmer: they eat a wide range of feeds, making it easy for a farmer to get feeds.He argues that piggery is also the easiest business to control. Every business can be rentable if done professionally. He says most of the animal feeds, including forages like sweet pepper, taro, squash, sweet potatoes, egg plants, maize are produced on his farm, but he buy a few processed feeds. James Akananiyundi, the veterinary officer at Kabalisa’s farm, however, says cultivated forages are important to supplement the industrial feed, on one hand, and to reduce operational costs on the other hand.Recently, the vet introduced a high yielding variety of beans that are rich in iron to improve the animals’ nutrition and help fight against anemia, which he says is a serious disease pig farmers are wary of. He plans to increase my stock to at least 400 pigs in next five months, set up a modern slaughterhouse on the farm and a small meat processor in order to gain more from business.continue