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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mushroom Poisoning in Dogs.

Mushrooms of the fungi class are a bundle of vitamins and minerals to keep us fit and trim. Mushrooms are a source of iron,selenium ,vitamin D amongst other nutrients. Mushrooms are considered potent medicines as most of the common everyday antibiotics such as penicillin,streptomycin and tetracycline all come from fungi extracts. Mushroom has found a room in many homes that explores the potentials such as 1)weight loss .2)boosting the immune system 3) ready source of vitamin D in diet 4) cancer treatment 5)anti-aging properties. Mushrooms good and beneficial as they are can be a source of poisoning to you and your pets.There are toxic and nontoxic species and depending on the rate of toxicity and intervention the prognosis can be fatal. Mushrooms are absorptive,absorbing the contents of the ground or creature they are sprouting out of. Mushrooms absorb and concentrate the compounds,nutrients,waste,runoff pesticides e.t.c,hence resulting in their potency thus the key to food safety will be to pick or purchase mushrooms from clean soil preferably organic farms will be fine. When your dog accidentally ingests mushrooms ,these signs follow 1) excessive salivation 2)vomiting 3)diarrhea 4) jaundice 5)seizures and in severe cases 6) coma. If you are privy to the fact that the dog took mushroom them do the following 1) induce vomiting. and take pet to veterinarian immediately. Read how anticancer properties of mushrooms saved a dog