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Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to keep your sanity in veterinary practice.

How to keep your sanity in veterinary practice. This is a wake-up call,a reality check,loving animals to a fault? but there is a limit you can push yourself to or else you burn-out. The veterinary oath binds us to pet health,wellness and safety, compelling us to go the extra,extra,extra mile for our pets and livestock. This is our calling,giving it all it takes. What do you do,when youve done all within your timeline and prognosis is fatal? or you did everything accordingly ,pet left you jumping and energetic only for you to get a bad report later? how do you react? sad? depressed? low self esteem? We all tend to have a beautiful vision of our veterinary careers from our colleges, we imagine ourselves changing the lives of every client, patient and stray animal that crosses our path every single day. When we start the practice and are faced with the not-so-glamorous aspects such as the lazy cleaners,care-free work force, inoperable tumors, crazy clients, driving long hours to and from work, gossip, , body pains, headaches, and then eureka! it hits us that we need to put a lid on it before you lose it. How to keep your sanity in veterinary practice,look at these tips; 1) Pet hero. I know we all want to save every pet that comes our way,the pet hero but it becomes clear to you ,its impossible to do that.Its not your responsibility to take care for every stray and abandoned animal that crosses your path. Be the pet hero of those you can save but dont bite more than you can handle. 2) Anxiety. Anxiety about your day,clients your surgeries, or your staff and whatever else you can fret about is a total stressor. You will lose focus and control of the present,messing things up,so just plan ahead and go with the flow. 3) Rumor mill. When you start listening to who said what,why this and that responded this way then tension sets in,smoke coming out of mouth and ears= going bananas. Dont fuss over anything or anyone,just ignore,dont pay attention to murmurs. 4) Work/home balance You need to strike a balance ,dont take your work issues home and dont bring home issues to work.This way you separate the vet from the mum,wife ,sister,lesson teacher and whatever other roles you play. 5) Click. joining a click in the office,that tries to define you,mold you to fit their purposes is a sure way to lose your mind. Be comfortable with you,just do you;no clicks,clubs or gangs just be proficient. 6) Set a standard; This is very important,define yourself and work with your set out values. 7)Time out. This is so very important,take time out to refresh ,energize and chart a better path to make your practice super fun. 8)Time wasters. Do away with unnecessary tours,meetings and chats that drains you of strength,just say no and pass-up the invite,, stay in the productivity zone. The veterinary industry comes with its challenges just like any other profession,so avoid unnecessary stressors and enjoy life.Cheers to a noble profession.