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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reading to lead.

This is rather strange,"reading to lead" or just the way life works? i guess im going with the 2nd option. Reading broadens your horizon,more like it enlarges your coast. Leaders are reader,they feed off different stuff, spiritual, science,fiction,sensual,technology,futurism,health and politics,yes a leader is a pot-potpourri of sort. The leader's perception of stuff is so different,a kind of the ink blob stuff viewing life,situations differently and harnessing the wisdom therein. Vision 2017, get all the help you need from leaders,go places with them,feel their rhythm and just go with the flow. Reading is a great way to tune-in to leaders and glean from them and in this internet era,you have access to these great leaders through their books,E-books,tapes,blogs and social media so as you aspire connect and reach out success is sure. Success made easy using books,just "copy and paste" meaning read books,do whats in it and apply. WELCOME TO THE BOOK-CLUB.!!!