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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Agribusiness on Olx.

The world is indeed a global market,where you can close a deal from anywhere in the world with innovative technology. Marketing was a difficult aspect of enterprise,basically because reaching out was cumbersome and expensive,but today with online marketing,banking and advertisement you can sell,buy transfer,trade from the comfort of your room to the world. The future of commerce is mobile technology,connecting various platforms to transact your business and make money.These platforms usually have a store,where you can advertise your stuff,add a link to your site or social media and in a jiffy customers throng your site and buy your products. In the world of reality TV,its ironic that business has gone virtual with virtual offices,virtual assistants and wait for it; virtual shopping.This concept is fast gaining recognition with big players from different work spaces taking a piece of the pie. Agribusiness has jumped on the train with farmers connecting other farmers,traders and customers in a virtual market to sell farm produce.The story of Mr Bett is amazing,he used the power of the internet to sell his cattle on Olx. He decided to sell his cattle on Olx,and he was surprised at response of people to advert as he sold out fast and with profit .Mr Bett had marketing challenge because of brokers that usually demand high percentages which affects the profit margin but with Olx the brokers are not involved in the transaction. Smart agribusiness will mean innovative methods of production,packaging,distribution ,marketing and sales. The Olx manager has this to say