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Friday, January 20, 2017

Pets,food and your wallet.

Keeping pet trim is good for pet's health and owners' money. Feeding pets indiscriminately with food high in sugar, fat and certain additives not only puts the pets at risk but also the owner will have to pay more for veterinary services to keep pet healthy and if there is no insurance cover ,more funds will have to go to pet care. Pets usually are over pampered by owners while other pets device means of snacking leading to weight gain and associated health issues. Keezley, a 5-year-old Samoyed dog, is always searching for food in her house - stealing loaves of bread off counters and even getting into her cat sibling's litter box.bKeezley's habits have added 20 pounds to her 50-pound frame, and serious weight to owner Susi Sweeny's wallet. Even just 10 pounds overweight would have put Keezley at risk for joint issues and diabetes, which are costly to treat because they require frequent vet visits, medications, special diets and exercise regimes. Treatment for diabetes averaged $1,000 per claim in 2015, according to Adam Dell, spokesperson for Nationwide pet insurance.continue