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Monday, January 9, 2017

Katmint for the good-life of cats.

A high School graduate Tyler Thompson wanted to give his cats a taste of the good life, so he developed Koop Brand. Though several other products will debut in 2017, the current products concentrate on natural, organic catnip — called Katmint — and goods and apparel for the cat owners. It's designed more for the relationship between cat and owner, and that's something unique in the market," he said. "They're all-natural products to give cats and humans a better life."The Koop Brand website features hoodies, T-shirts and posters with phrases like "cat vibes," "cats are dope," and "cats and also coffee." Comfortable clothes, coffee mugs and travel thermoses make up the bulk of the human products, because Thompson said he figures "with people who own cats, I'd say at least half are avid coffee or tea drinkers." "I'd stress the cohesiveness between the animal and the pet parent," he said. "We want to blur the line." continue