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Friday, January 6, 2017

Fitness tracker for animals.

Fitness tracker has moved into veterinary medicine with the innovative device attached on cows to know their health status and location so as to give prompt care. The ear tags were for identification and proper record keeping initially but now the tags have been upgraded to perform more functions Colorado entrepreneur Melissa Brandao with her startup company HerdDogg, boasts of smart tags for smart cow.The removable tags are placed in the animal’s ear and they track steps and a lot more. The tags collect biometric data,its actually a little chip with a battery this means the health and wellness of the animal can be determined. The tags combine sensors and smart radio technology to deliver valuable information about the animal to a receiver or cell phone up to 30 feet away. The tags collect various information ,animals often hide their illnesses for days but the tags can detect problems immediately. The Herddogg system is made of 3 parts ;DOGGTAG EAR TAG The DoggTag which is attached to the ear of the herd animal has on-board smart radio and sensors. DOGGBONE READER The DoggBone is a small passive reader that collects the herd data at anytime and anywhere--no wifi, no cellular connection required. MOBILE/WEB When your cell phone is within range of the DoggBone or DoggTags you can connect and send the data to the cloud. The cloud stores animal histories and much, more. read