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Friday, January 6, 2017


Detox,starting the year off with a cleanse. Detox are of various types,spiritual,physical and mental.The method of detox also varies with the type and most definitely the location of detox is very important. The year has just started and to set the course you need to do away with stuff,habits,thinking,baggage that has pulled you under or tried to slow you down.When you discover a weak spot,a poisonous growth what do you do? you flush it out,this is detox. We all have people around us that are stopping the flow,killing the vibe,destroying the dream,but we refuse to let go; this is the detox mode cutting off stuff,thats not part of my destiny.Toxicity like we know kills slowly or rapidly depending on concentration and length of exposure,so if you hang around toxic people slowly but surely you will be toxic yourself. The toxic folks dont actually know they are toxic because its their nature to curse, gossip, pull down others,discourage and kill dreams(dream-killers).They must always have the final say,shoving their opinions down your throat and ever ready to burst your bubble. These folks are everywhere, in your office,store,mall,saloon,neighborhood,just look around its so easy to pick them out. This year as you move towards excellence,making hay while the sun is out and running towards the mark, look around you and look out Nay-Sayers,Haters,Wannabe,cant do it folks and move up. The first assignment is to detox,yes its purging time. Lets detox!! dont let anyone dump trash on you,in you and around you. #cleanse #detox #pruning.