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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Depression and social media.

Social media is a great way to learn,connect ,make money and most especially get the gist of whats happening around you,and somewhere else in the world.The social media trend has brought more people into your business than you could ever imagine and not many people can handle it. The issue of cyber bullying is another dark side of social media that runs deeper than you can imagine. Social media is fun,games plus other stuff but when cyber bullying steps in, unless you are strong on the inside,confident and comfortable with who you are,what you have and what you are doing its going to take you out. Social media cult or click is another level of bullying,these set of people are naysayers,shutting you up,stealing your voice and defining who you are or rather who they want you to be or who they feel you should be and if you are low on self esteem,confidence and vision you bow to them and follow the Jones'. These set of people use the same method of operation which basically is about your posts, their reaction to your posts is what sets the ball rolling. The funny thing is that they are your friends and they deliberately ignore your posts or post nasty comments or simply be outright rude and if you are feeding off comments,likes and share you just logged in to the depression avenue. A study has shown that people are fighting depression linked to social media,and there has been cases of people committing suicide because of bullying,and segregation or non-inclusion on social media clicks. There are other people that tend to water down these feeling by buying likes or tagging a popular person so as to boost the number of likes,this is outright crazy. Your life is yours,make it count dont subscribe to a sect or click that wants to rubbish you,you are better than that and much more precious than 1,000 likes or 50+ or 40 shares. This is the story of a young lady pushed to depression by social media continue