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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The art of negotiation.

The art of negotiation.A good negotiator finds a mutually acceptable way forward, instead of being at loggerheads with people who hold different views or who are working toward different goals. He or she will skillfully close a deal, agree a new training plan, set a schedule, or fine-tune processes. Good negotiation leads to better working practices, and increased satisfaction in the workplace and in life in general. You have negotiated successfully when you navigate through, or prevent, conflict, achieve an acceptable solution to a mutual problem, and agree follow-up actions that both sides are willing to implement. Ideally, you will achieve your own goals as a result, but often you will have to compromise. An important point to remember is that negotiation isn't limited to "big decisions." Whether you're discussing a potential pay raise Add to My Personal Learning Plan for a team member, saying "no" Add to My Personal Learning Plan to a task from a co-worker, or even choosing a Friday-night takeout with the family, you can use negotiation skills several times a day, for challenges large and small. So, how can you prepare yourself for negotiation? The art of negotiation: more