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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The world today is moving away from the use of chemicals,conventional drugs and trending into the wellness practice.Many people have moved into holistic methods of treatment and this has spilled over to veterinary practice,where more and more people are seeking herbal therapy for their pets. Herbal interventions also referred to as herbal therapy is the use of herbs to treat ailments,correct disorders and heal sores,wounds and treat diseases. The herbs can be used in various forms such as roots,leaves and stem depending on where the active ingredient lies in the plant.The herbs can be prepared as capsules,grounded as powdered, added to alcohol extracts,dried ,in tinctures, lotions or creams and the method of presentation depends on its use . The common herbs are ginger,garlic and some oil extracts from peppermint leaves and cloves.The uses varies from flea treatment,shampoos,treatment of gastric dilatation-volvulous complex, cancer,mange,inappetence,arthritis, and diabetes to mention a few. Veterinary. The various herbs,uses and preparation will be discussed at length. The possibilities abound in herbal medicine for veterinarians, and to this end there are a crop of vets that practice this act solely and are referred to as veterinary herbalist. How to use herbs in veterinary practice. Pets and herbs= better health. #poultry

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