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Monday, January 16, 2017

Rare Light Pillars In Canada Captured In Photos.

Photographer and Youtuber Timothy Joseph Elzinga from Ontario Canada was woken by his 2 year old son last Friday at 1.30AM. When he went to comfort him, he saw from the window an extremely rare meteorological phenomenon: something resembling the Northen Lights, finding out later that they were in fact light pillars. This phenomenon occurs when there are very low temperatures. The artificial light that we emit from earth, such as street lights reflect in a vertical formation against the ice particles suspended in the cold air. The movement of these lights is always towards the sky, like solid pillars. The white pillars are in fact photometeors like rainbows and can be caused either naturally by the sun, or artificially like here. Although baring some similarities, this phenomenon is not like the Northern Lights. source