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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Oxygen therapy.

The body needs oxygen to function obviously for without breath there is no life.The body gets the required oxygen from the atmosphere mainly from the photosynthesis process of plants. The normal uptake of oxygen can be disturbed in disease conditions such as in chronic obstructive respiratory disease, asthmatic attacks, heart failure ,sleep apnea and pneumonia. The deprivation of tissues and muscles of adequate oxygen can lead to certain conditions such as cancers ,which recent research shows they thieve in areas of low oxygen tension. When the immune system suffers from a lack of oxygen,the body has to work much harder to combat opportunistic bacteria, parasitic infections, and colds as well as flu. People with low oxygen in their systems usually show any of these signs or a combination of some of them 1)bronchial problems. 2) high acid in stomach/poor digestion. 3) irritability. 4) irrational behavior/depression. 5) memory loss. 6 )muscle aches and pains. 7 ) circulation problems. 8) fatigue, and general body weakness. How will you know if you are oxygen starved or if your cells are longing for more oxygen? then use this free tool to stay on top.See The oxygen is usually supplied through breathing tubes and pipes. Physicians are taking the use of oxygen to another level by using it at high temperatures to treat wounds and severe infections.The hyperbaric therapy is the term used to describe the use of oxygen at high levels to teat wounds and infection has found a place in veterinary practice.