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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Improving cattle health and milk yield with cow mattress.

Dairy business is very lucrative but poor management practices can result in losses due to low milk production, death ,mastitis and lameness. The key to a success farm operation is the comfort of the cows as the more comfortable they are the higher the milk yield and productivity.The health status of cows are also important as only healthy,genetically proven breeds and properly fed cows can produce calves and hence milk. A dairy farm where the genetics,nutrition and medication are excellent then the comfort of the cows is next priority. Cows are made comfortable and produce more milk when placed on cow mattresses.The mattress are made from recycled tyres and are of various sizes which are treated with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents that make them safe for the animals. They have a special texture pattern that ensures cows do not slip or fall, even when wet .The tyres provide more comfort than hay straw or cemented floor,the mattress also prevents repeated falling or slipping on the bare floor thus preventing lameness which can result to culling the cow. Mastitis is the biggest problem encountered by dairy farmers,the inflammation of the udder has been linked to infectious agents in the farm arising mainly from contamination of teats with with dirt,fecal matter and urine.The introduction of cow mattress prevents mastitis as the cow shed is clean and cows are laying on clean rubber mats that are easy to wash and clean. The mattress offer long term comfort by giving cows maximum time for resting and relaxing and this time allows them to undergo natural body processes such as increased blood supply to the teats and the udder. This guarantees a higher milk yield and healthier animals that increase the profits. These mattresses can also be used in horses to prevent lameness resulting from repeated falling in the stables. Heat stress is also another common factor resulting in poor milk yield due to reduced productivity as a result of poor feed intake.The installation of water sprinklers in the cow shed will go a long way to cool the animal down . The incorporation of yeast in feed as well as increasing energy density of feed coupled with serving cool fresh water at all times.