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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How playing fetch hurts the forelimbs of dogs.

Did you know retrieval strains the forelimbs of dogs? you can play fetch,but within bounds.A new study published in the journal BMC Veterinary Research has shown that this simple retrieval exercise hurts the dog. Hunting dogs such as the popular breed retriever are ideally suited for retrieving birds or small game. However, the weight the dogs carry strains their locomotor system. A motion study has shown that the dogs tilt forwards like a seesaw when they carry the prey in their mouths. T This can make already existing joint and tendon damage worse. Therefore, adjusted weights should be used for the training of puppies and adult dogs. Furthermore, the joints should be checked regularly by specialists. Originally, retrievers were not bred as family dogs but as dogs for work and hunt. They are so-called gun dogs which can be used to retrieve birds and small game such as rabbits. This ability is meanwhile also used in competitions in which the dogs only retrieve the dummies they are trained with from their puppy age. The same artificial weights are also used for hunting training. An adult animal can carry loads of several kilos in its mouth,but even if gun dogs have the required attributes, the additional weight is physically burdensome for them.The scientists found out that the load in the dog's mouth causes the forces to increase, but particularly affects the forelimbs. In any case and with rising weight, the dogs became lighter on their hindlimbs. Carrying the prey had an effect similar to a seesaw. continue