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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Head pressing in pets.

Head pressing in pets is the compulsive pushing of the top of the head against a stationary object such as a wall, couch, a corner or another hard surface. The pet presses her head very intently against the object for an extended period of time, or repeatedly. A pet who is head pressing will often push continuously, moving along the item against which she’s pressing until she reaches a corner and gets “stuck” there with her head pressed against it. A pet exhibiting this sign shows a problem with the pet’s brain or central nervous system. There are a number of causes of head pressing, they include:1) brain tumor. 2)encephalitis 3)acute head trauma 4)stroke 5)toxicosis. Head pressing is quite different from the playful head butting of dogs and cats where they butt into you playfully or just kidding around with other pets. Head pressing is quite distinct as the pets presses the top of the head against an object this is usually accompanied by vocalization , pacing and running around aimlessly. The underlying cause will set the tone for treatment,whatever the cause its a medical emergency that needs to be accessed immediately.