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Friday, January 20, 2017

Common causes of scooting in dogs.

Scooting simply refers to a condition where dogs drag their anal region on the floor,indicating a itch in that axis . Scooting usually occurs when there is an irritation or inflammation the the anal region that the dog is trying to relieve. Scooting has been associated with 3 conditions, and these are immediate pointers when you observe scooting. 1) anal gland conditions such as inflamed, impacted or infection of anal glands. 2) Tapeworm; dogs normally scoot when there is irritation in the anal region due to tapeworms. The dogs drags the anal region to get rid of the itch and irritation caused by the worms. Tapeworm infestation is accompanied by other signs such as weight loss,rough coat and rice-like whitish strands in the feces. 3) Tumors in the peri-anal region is another cause of scooting in dogs.