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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Animals with Superpowers.

Animals are the bomb, while some are friendly others are no go-no see or touch creatures but the beauty of it all is that they are important in the circle of life. A lot of innovative products have stemmed from animals that are beneficial to man such as the geko bra,the genius of the wall geko. see Animals have certain adaptive properties that make them unique and stand out in their environment,making magic out of their survival. 1) Photophores ; are light-producing organs that create bioluminescence in various invertebrates and fish living in the deep sea, such as the smalltooth dragonfish and splitfin flashlight fish. In the smalltooth dragonfish (shown below), three photophores are located underneath its eyes and they produce red light, orange light, and blue light. The red light is used both to see prey that can’t see them and to carry out conversations with other fish they’re attempting to court. The blue light is used as a sort of flashlight that helps the fish see in the deep dark. 2) Heat Sensors; Pit vipers and other snakes have heat-sensing protein channels located in tiny holes on their faces that help them “see” in the dark. These “pit organs” contain a membrane that can detect infrared radiation from warm bodies, making it much easier to detect and sense prey in the pitch dark. Scientists say they can detect prey up to 3 feet away. 3) Ampullae of Lorenzini This mouthful is the reason why sharks are such great predators. Ampullae of Lorenzini are electroreceptors that are found in sharks, rays, and chimaeras. They are visible as dark spots in the skin. These organs form a network of jelly-filled pores that provide fish with the ability to detect electric and magnetic fields as well as temperature gradients. This helps sharks and other fish that have these organs find their prey more easily in dark, murky waters. continue