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Thursday, January 19, 2017

America’s Newest Dog Breed ,Pumi.

Originally emerging from Hungary (and named, alternately, the Hungarian herding terrier) the Pumi has a long history of that ability. This breed's plural designation is "Pumik." Pumik history is thought to have begun around 300 years ago when the Puli breed (dubbed "Rasta," with a "mop" of long, corded hair) was crossed with herding canines from France and Germany. As a general overview, Pumiks have wedge-shaped heads and corkscrew-type fur, which, according to the Pumi Club,1 looks and performs best when soaked and left to dry, with minimal shedding. Not necessarily a "lap dog," the Pumi loves having the time and space to play and run free. Exercise on a regular basis is a prerequisite for this breed, which gives you a chance to not only bond and interact, but reinforce the training he will need from an early age. One of the ways this dog's work ethic evidences itself is in the focused obedience they have when interacting with their "shepherd" — or more correctly, the humans who adopt them (who may or may not be shepherds). continue