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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Solar powered agriculture in India.

Solar energy is an alternative renewable energy that is increasingly becoming mainstream due to cost feasibility and higher efficiency. Apart from producing power for offices and households, solar energy can be used to power dryers, cookers, solar stills, lighting, refrigeration and even air conditioning. There is increasing usage of solar energy for agricultural purposes, which consumes considerable amount of power in India. Solar power technology would be a reasonable choice for agricultural tools. Solar Photovoltaic cells (SPV) directly convert the light energy from the sun into electricity. Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems use an indirect method for the conversion process. Solar Farming Solar Farming in India .Solar farming uses power generated from solar energy to operate agricultural or farming tools. It is simple, cost effective, reliable and long lasting. Most common agricultural tools such as tractors, watering systems, rotator, roller, planter, sprayers, broadcast seeder etc. work on battery power and fuel oil. In solar farming, the battery power is replaced with solar power, so that the usage of electricity from grid-power and non-renewable sources can be reduced. more