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Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to make money in agribusiness with farm machinery.

Farm machinery is part and parcel of a successful agribusiness but many farmers shun the equipment due to high costs.Being creative and devising innovations to boost farming productivity is, therefore, encouraged as it also helps grow the country’s economy in different ways. Emphasis on irrigation to reduce dependence on rain-fed farming should also be of core interest of the government in the face of limited farming land and idle land deemed un-farmable due to the prevailing dry conditions. For livestock farmers, depending on the size of investment, tractors, chaff-cutters, mowers, sprayers, forage harvesters and balers are some of the machinery to consider as they help in proper management and feeding of the livestock.In crop farming, tractors, ploughs, planters, tillers and harrowers, among others, are essential as they facilitate better farming. continue