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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dogs; Millennial ‘pet parents’ pay up for dogs to get ritzy human services.

Millennial ‘pet parents’ pay up for dogs to get ritzy human services. When shoe designer Vanessa Noel brought home two poodle puppies recently, she knew she had her hands full. Left to their own devices, the brothers would no doubt make short shrift of prized designs, not to mention the furnishings, in her Upper East Side home. “I’m a terrible disciplinarian,’’ the 55-year-old said. “They’re divine little dogs, but they can’t be chewing on my shoes or alligator bags.’’ Her solution: Lexi Beermann, who whips puppies into well-mannered shape in one week of boot camp. The cost is a cool $4,600, with the option of adding ongoing maintenance for $8,000 per month. Beermann either moves into a dog owner’s home for the week, or brings the pups to live with her.“I’m like Mary Poppins for dogs,” the trainer, 39, said. “I’m off to Jamaica for a week, and Lexi will live in my house and take care of Rasta and Reggae,’’ added Noel. “When I come back they shall have Park Avenue manners Actress Carol Kane, who lives on the Upper West Side, keeps her dog pain-free with the help of Trish Dean, who charges $75 for a chiropractic visit and $100 for a massage. “She is treating my rescue, Johnny. After a session he is relaxed and able to move around more easily,’’ said Kane. “I treat anxiety, aggression, fear and depression,’’ said the Brooklyn doc. “Most depression involves dogs being left alone, and is often associated with separation anxiety.’’ He charges $650 per case, which usually includes one visit as well as follow-up phone calls. more