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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Food revolution, lets eat like nomads..

Change is the only constant thing and as the nomads continually change,moving from place to place to feed their animals; an entrepreneur has decided to build on this experience to change our eating habits. Welcome to food revolution,eating like nomads. According to CNN, Selassie Atadika wants to change the way you eat. The UN worker-turned-chef is on course to revolutionize African cuisine through her new movement: the nomadic dining experience, which sees her encourages diners to ditch restaurants and move meals outside. "It's about creating experiences in different locations in a way similar to my lifestyle working with the UN, but also in the context of Africa ... the Nomadic people," Midunu ("Come Let's Eat"), Atadika's company, hosts Nomadic dinners every other month where diners can enjoy a four course meal in various locations across Accra.continue