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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Beauty of Burmese Cats.

Cats are naturally nosey creatures, but this breed takes it to the extreme. If you are considering getting a Burmese cat, you will need to resign yourself to the loss of all privacy, as your new shadow will want to follow you everywhere, helping you with everything from reading a book to making the dinner. They also love to sneak under the duvet. This curious nature necessitates caution, however, as Burmese cats have been known to sneak into an open window of a van or car and find themselves transported far from home! The name belies the breed’s origins. When the Burmese army invaded Thailand in the 18th century, it is thought that a Thai temple cat was whisked off back to Burma. In the 20th century, retiring naval officer and practicing psychiatrist, Dr Joseph Thompson imported an ancestor of this cat from Burma to the US, so the breed was named after Burma even though they didn’t originate there. The original Thai name for this breed of cat means “beautiful, fortunate and of splendid appearance” – very fitting we think! Their propensity for exploring, coupled with the fact that they have zero survival skills, prompts most owners to keep them as indoor cats. If you want to know more about this breed, we found some great facts on Burmese Cat Club and Cat Time. These little critters are very active and playful, and Burmese owners will be familiar with the “mad half hour” – a period in the day where their little furry friend can be found tearing madly around the house; flitting up and down the stairs, running a slalom around chair and table legs and flipping somersaults. It’s normally at the time of day where you’d appreciate a period of calm – when you first get up, or when you’re off to bed. source