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Monday, February 27, 2017

Holistic dog care.

Holistic dog health combines several traditional and alternative therapies to treat ailing dogs into a single approach with the focus on what's most important. Holistic Dog Health MedicineHolistic dog health is often confused with homeopathic dog health. Homeopathic remedies are all about stimulating the body's natural healing response with the use of plants, minerals, animal substances and other natural treatments. Veterinarians that practice holistic dog health look at the canine's overall health – not just a few symptoms – and use both traditional and alternative treatments. If you choose to treat your pet holistically, he may be prescribed an herbal remedy or a prescription drug. He may receive massage therapy or need to have lab work done. In short, holistic dog health looks for the best and healthiest way to treat a dog without choosing to be on the traditional or alternative side of the fence. The holistic approach to dog’s health takes every aspect of the dog into account – food and nutrition, lifestyle, activity level, supplements, medicine, and treatments. All these must work together to support the dog’s well-being. Holistic veterinary medicine is currently a trending topic, and pet food companies are quick to utilize opportunities. more