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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Solar incubator reduces hatchery expenses for farmer.

The high cost of the incubators and electricity bills drove Godfrey Ng’ang’a into making solar powered machine for himself and other farmers.The Kiambu County farmer bought his first to machines from South Africa and China with the hope of getting cost-saving and efficient equipment than those sold locally. Although the South Africa made incubator, which he bought at Sh140,000, was efficient, its power consumption was inhibiting; it required 45kwatts per day. That could cost him about Sh11,000 for 21 days. The high cost of management and lack of efficiency prompted him to make his own solar version. The comparison of the two incubators in materials and technology gave Ng’ang’a an idea of making incubators that use solar energy to reduce his expenditure on electricity. He used galvanized aluminium metal sheet, turpentine, transparent glass, nails, rivets, among other materials, to produce the incubator, which is powered by solar harnessed from the sun.The use of solar incubators has enabled him cut production costs. more