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Friday, March 24, 2017

Ant hill mulch improves soil moisture.

A new study has shown that ant hill mulch improves moisture in soil thus increasing organic matter in soil The study undertaken by scientists in China reveals that ants are hardworking and beneficial insects. In the activities of their daily lives, ants help increase air, water flow, and organic matter in soil. The work done by ants even forms a type of mulch that helps hold water in the soil. Ants dwell in the soil, and build their homes by burrowing tiny holes, channels, and chambers. Soil scientists refer to these as macropores. These ants place the soil they are digging out on the soil surface. The tiny clumps seen as an ant hill are what researchers call aggregate mulches. Ants by creating the aggregate mulches, help the soil environment by bringing down food sources from outside. Ant-made aggregate mulches could help retain water in agricultural fields.