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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2017 set to be the ‘Year of Sustainable Grassland’.

Countries are revamping and re-positioning their dairy sector by improving and expanding grass cultivation. In Ireland,a new initiative launched by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine will see 2017 become the ‘Year of Sustainable Grassland’,according to AgriLand. The year-long project will see an extra focus placed on the productivity, utilization and sustainability of grass by the by the Department, its agencies and other stakeholders.It also aims to focus on the international reputation of Ireland’s grass based production systems. Grass is at the heart of efficient dairy and livestock systems and is recognized and valued by international customers as a sustainable system.The aim of the initiative is to improve grass productivity and utilization and to enhance and promote awareness of the sustainability of Ireland’s grass-based production system, according to the Department. Efficient utilization of grassland through greater emphasis on soil health can increase the carbon efficiency of increased production.This would also reduce the loss of nutrients and release of gasses into the atmosphere, while improving the soils capacity to act as a carbon sink. In Nigeria, the plan to setup grassland is ongoing more