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Thursday, March 30, 2017

How Azolla can combat malaria and other mosquito borne infection.

Malaria is a global issue with about 200 million people infected yearly ,all hands are on deck to eradicate malaria completely by control of mosquitoes,production of vaccine,provision of nets for prevention of bites and education on sanitation to destroy breeding sites of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes also are linked to Zika virus infection, chikungunya, dog heartworm, dengue, yellow fever,eastern equine encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis, this clearly shows why eradication of mosquitoes are very important. Mosquitoes also affects animals resulting in death if critical cases,in poultry avian malaria is a subtle killer while horses react to bites with hypersensitivity reaction and encephalomyelitis in severe cases. see The host range of mosquitoes are widespread making them a public health concern and hence a major target to ensure health care for all and pet wellness and animal welfare as a whole. The azolla fern can eradicate mosquitoes without use of chemicals and also not disrupt ecosystem . The azolla fern is a miracle fern that has found usefulness as livestock feed,bio fertilizer,biogas substrate and mosquito repellent. The harvested Azolla fern can be dried and spread around premises to repel mosquitoes. Azolla can be used to eliminate mosquitoes on a larger scale by forming dense mat on the surface of the water, preventing adult mosquitoes from laying eggs and also reducing the emergence and development of mosquito larvae.