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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dairy farmers turning to hydroponics.

The increase in cost of feed for dairy farmers has prompted the need to look for feed alternatives without reducing quality of products. Hydroponic fodder is a suitable means of revamping the dairy sector. The high cost of feed coupled with drought conditions and scarcity of these high feed prices is creating havoc for many dairy farmers,prompting some producers to find an innovative and cost-effective solution with sprout fodder. The green fodder is very high in protein and metabolisable energy hence it is highly digestible. Green fodder is an important component of the dairy ration, as the productive and reproductive performance of the dairy animals is adversely affected,thus for sustainable dairy farming, quality green fodder should be fed regularly to the dairy animals.more This is the story of a farmer turning to hydroponics to feed cows; Rose Chelang’at decided to take up hydroponics farming at her dairy farm ,she invested approximately $113 to purchase the required material and embark on a new technology journey. Two of her dairy cows now produce four more liters per day, increasing their daily milk production from 11 to 15 liters. She gets an additional 12 liters per day from my third cow, all this after introducing the hydroponically grown fodder into the diet of her herd. more