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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why vaccinations are important for pets.

One of the most discussed pet issue is vaccination,with various takes by various school of thoughts. A faction believe that vaccination should be minimal,others believe that it should be regulated and administered at various intervals. There is a sect that believes vaccines are not important but only a gimmick to get money from pet-owners,while others believe that vaccines could be sidelined,that pets dont need vaccines. The truth is this, vaccines are necessary for health and well being of your pets, if you love your pets you will vaccinate them.Viral infections can be prevented by vaccinations and the common viral infections in the dog population are Canine Distemper , Infectious Canine Hepatitis and Canine Parvovirus . The incidence is low in countries where vaccination is encouraged,thus ensuring pet health and safety. Vaccinations are the only method to prevent viral infections,so if vaccines are not administered on exposure to such infections,death is imminent. Dogs are usually vaccinated using the DHLPP vaccine that covers 5 deadly diseases.,and also the public health disease rabies. Dogs not vaccinated are usually a foci of infection in the dog community and consequently spreading infection. When dogs are not vaccinated especially for rabies, they pose a threat not only to the dog community but to humans as well. Vaccination is important for pet health and safety. The risk of adverse reactions to vaccines is real but as with any medication side effects can occur. It is important to only have your pet vaccinated when they are healthy, and observe them more carefully for 24 hours post-vaccination. They may sleep more but this is normal as the body works hard to produce the antibodies against future exposure to disease. Vaccinations are highly recommended for pet health, follow the pet health plan.