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Friday, March 10, 2017

How to use moringa in horses.

Moringa a super-food additive is fast gaining recognition all over the world because of its outstanding properties that translate to our benefits and that of our pets. Moringa affects many of the systems of the body from respiratory ,reproductive,musculoskeletal,digestive and the skin to ensure perfect working conditions and healthy life . Moringa is a rich source of protein,vitamin A, vitamin C,potassium,calcium and iron. The entire moringa plant is of benefit, the seeds can be used as a natural dewormer for horses. The branches are perfect feed supplement that horses can nibble one while the leaf extract can be added to the horse feed or mix with water as an immune booster. The protein content of moringa helps tissue repair and muscle building resulting in rapid wound healing and faster growth rate. Essential amino acids and trace elements present in moringa ensure all body system function properly for health. Moringa is very important for hooves health especially for white line disease, crumbled hooves and laminitis.