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Friday, March 3, 2017

ICRA : Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit .

Over the years, ICRA experienced that many business support services (BSS) face difficulties in offering services that have long-lasting impact. Most training events seem to have limited results and do not lead to the desired sustainable income increases and profitable businesses for their clients. As a result, BSS find it hard to attract new clients and projects. They need to invest a lot of time in search for new funding rather than in supporting small-scale producers and processors and doing the work they love and do best. Successful business support services not only assure that smallholder farmers and agri-entrepreneurs make substantial and sustainable profit, they also assist them in doing it more efficiently. Donors, business and governmental organizations line up to work with such successful service provides. ICRA is providing an opportunity to practical tips on how to secure a stable flow of income for your support services. more