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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to make hydroponic fodder for poultry.

The effect of climate change on food production and food security is a challenge that concerns and affects everybody.Food is needed by all creatures and as such the production,distribution and availability is of paramount importance. The effect of drought on farming areas,farmers's productivity and foodsecurity is begging for attention,therefore innovative ideas are springing up as to how to feed the ever increasing population with limited land resource and high cost of feed for livestock. Feeding poultry this period is very expensive,with farmers seeking alternatives to boost production and also make profit. see The hydroponic system refers to growing seeds in soilless medium but nutrient rich media that will foster rapid growth for animals. Hydroponic fodder system is the answer to climate change affecting agriculture and food security. The hydroponic fodder for poultry with corn, reduces the cost of feed and bags of feed required for the flock. This is an innovative way i discovered of making fodder for poultry using disposable plates; The fodder for poultry is ready in 4 days. Method; 1) select clean seeds . 2) soak seeds in a solution of vinegar+ water or bleach solution. 3) wash after 4 hours in clean water and drain . 4) incubate seeds 5) transfer to prepared trays 6)spray plates with nutrients 3 times a day 7) start harvesting .

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