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Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to use banana peels to kill fleas in poultry.

Fleas are ectoparasites that bite and stress the chicken,thus preventing weight gain.These blood sucking parasites cause severe discomfort to poultry because of excessive biting and pecking their feathers to give comfort. The world today is tending towards organic farming using natural products to grow crops,vegetables and raise animals without use of chemicals. Herbs,plant and plant extract have been used to ensure health of animals and boost production in poultry and livestock. see other natural remedy is . Banana peels are useful in poultry to kill fleas,so if you need to rid your flock of fleas and other biting insects this is a cheap natural insecticide. The banana peels are collected ,shredded and put in the poultry house. The mode of action is that fleas are attracted to the banana peels because of the scent,the fleas feed on the peels but are unable to digest resulting in constipation and subsequent death. The peels can also be shredded and mixed with droppings because the fleas breed in these dropping and feed on the birds. The cut banana peels can be scattered outside the poultry house to prevent fleas,mosquito and other infestation. Banana peels can also be fed to poultry,see