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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Young people embracing agribusiness.

The younger generation have decided to create jobs for themselves instead of seeking employment and agribusiness is their choice. Young graduates and young school leavers are tossing their professions to start agribusiness. The common ventures are poultry ,fish farming and cattle rearing,these are explored to the fullest by investing in the production and processing increasing the demand for their products by maximizing the value chain of their ventures. The poultry farmers,produce live birds for sale at peak seasons but sell other products like eggs,eggpowder ,chicken nuggets.sausages e.t.c. see African youths have embraced agriculture and agribusiness,whether is production ,processing or even selling the products many more are in the race and changing their pocket books.Young people from Subukia sub-county have been urged to turn to agriculture as one of the avenues where they can sustain themselves rather than looking on getting employed in offices to earn a