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Friday, February 3, 2017

Top benefits of Greencoat wax-free boxes.

During IPPE 2017, Interstate Container highlighted the eight main reasons driving the evolution to wax-free coated poultry packaging. The company is the creator Greencoat wax-free corrugated boxes. Eight reasons to evolve with Greencoat wax-free boxes are as follows; 1) 100% recyclable and re-pulpable. Traditional wax-coated boxes are unrecyclable and end up in landfills, taking over a century to decompose. FBA-certified Greencoat wax-free boxes significantly reduce environmental impact. Since transitioning entirely to Greencoat wax-free boxes in 2010, Mountaire Farms, a leading U.S. poultry processor, has annually contributed to a carbon savings of 150,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This equates to the removal of 31,685 passenger vehicles from the road for one year or 48,000 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled. 2) Customized box aizes. These boxes are not one size fits all. Poultry producers can choose the “right size” packaging that builds strength and reduces waste and costs for customers. 3) Proven quality and performance. Greencoat boxes are field-tested and customer approved. Interstate Container has partnered with poultry, meat and seafood producers, as well as Global Green USA, to continuously test Greencoat boxes under long, damp and difficult transport routes across the country. Every month, the company produces and ships over 12 million Greencoat boxes to some of the largest poultry processors in the country. 4) As strong as traditional wax boxes. With a powerful combination of eco-friendly impregnation and wax-free coating, Greencoat boxes withstand the challenges of the cold-storage supply chain, enduring tremendous exposure to moisture, rough handling, and long storage. continue