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Monday, February 13, 2017

5 ways to make millions in agribusiness.

Agriculture is the new currency and everybody is tapping into the market one way or the other. The current trend of back to agriculture has opened up an in-road to agribusiness such that more products are available as a source of income or as sustenance to ensure food security. Agriculture is broad but you can carve a niche for yourself and produce desirable products,there are very many opportunities to create wealth but i choose to write about these because they are simple, easy,can be home based and require minimal capital. 1) Egg sales and distribution; the demand for eggs are ever increasing and you can easily start this with as little as 10,000 naira ,which you can easily turn around and start making profit immediately. Egg sales and distribution is an instant cash cow,your personal money-making machine. start 2) Fruit sales; majority of people are concerned about health nowadays with many people turning to fruits and vegetables to stay fit and trim. The sale of fruits is simple and easy to start. The first step will be to visit fruit markets in your area or link up with fruit farmers and strike a deal. The fruits purchased can either be sold as whole fruits or cut in bits for sale to people who cant afford the full sized fruits. The dicing of the fruits will not only sell fast but it opens another avenue to cash in fast ,the diced/sliced fruits can be hygienically packed , chilled and sold as fruit box or packs that are handy packs for schools,hospitals,offices and of course superstores. Fruits can also be diced ,blended , chilled and sold as smoothies,this is the cream of the fruit business. Entrepreneurs can actually start a health store where various fruit smoothies are sold,the winning edge will be the basic knowledge of various fruits and the health benefits to the body so that you can make a perfect mix and offer your customers. E.g a customer that wants to lose weight can ask the fruit vendor for the best fruit combo to achieve this goal e.t.c. the ability to blend various fruit combo to fit different requirement will boost sales as many customers will troop in to try the mix. 3) snail farming,this is a hidden goldmine that its easy to start and manage. Snails are not noisy,nor pollute the environment with effluents thus its a super urban agribusiness venture to look into.see 4) Start an aquarium store; you can actually start from home and reach out to clients. The shop can be set up with various sizes of vats for the different fish types,an aquarium accessory shop will be an addition to the venture. The interior decoration in many organisations are now complimented with different types of aquarium,also you can generate more money if you open up a section of your store as exhibition ground or resort center,where schools,individuals can come in ,look around and pay for the visit. start and this 5) Feather processing; this is turning waste to wealth. Everybody loves fashion,and one or two pieces of accessories can make you stand out. Feathers of different poultry can be accessed in various live bird markets with processing facility. The feathers are collected according to breeds,color and size. The feathers are washed in warm water to get any dirt or debris off,then its disinfected ,rinsed and dried in the sun. The feathers can be further processed according to use,such as adding color,trimming to fit a pattern or using them plain. Feathers can be used as fans,earrings,hat clips,brooches ,set decor,home decor e.t.c .learn