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Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to make powdered eggs

Eggs are a very nutritious source of food that is one of the fundamentals of baking. Eggs provide low-cost but high-quality source of protein, and the only snag about the egg is its short shelf life and fragility. Eggs can easily be turned to powder to increase the shelf-life,to make it easy to store, transport and most especially make it readily available. Eggs can be powdered as whole eggs or the albumen or yolk can be separated and powdered for ease of use in bakeries and pharmaceuticals. The chicken egg powder is used for ice cream and cakes as its a good whipping agent and essential in the cosmetics industry. The egg white is loaded with proteins, iron and its low in fat and cholesterol. Weight-watcher,diet enthusiasts and all those on a slimming mission,get your feel of eggs by eating egg white powder. The chicken egg white powder gives the same nutritious egg taste without the mess of separating the egg white from the yolk. Egg yolk powder,prepared from fresh eggs without any additives or preservatives used in food processes that require emulsification properties of egg yolk. The powdered egg yolk is useful in confectioneries, such as doughnuts,bread and biscuits. The yolk is also used for making body creams and conditioners,salad cream and mayonnaise. . The making of egg powder; things required are 1) eggs 2) blender 3) dehydrator 4) storage jars.There are 2 popular methods of making the powdered eggs these are cook-dry method and the wet-dry method. The cook-dry method basically involves; 1) Break eggs and whip in a bowl. 2) pour the mix in a clean pan ,and fry as scrambled eggs. 3) pour the scrambled eggs in a dehydrator/dryer and let it dry completely for about 4-5 hours. 4) put the dried egg in a blender and pulverize 5) bag and store. The wet-dry method as the name suggests requires no cooking of any sort,this is how its done. 1) Get fresh eggs and beat in a bowl. 2) pour the properly whipped mixture in a dehydrator. 3) leave and let it dry completely for 5 hours. 4) place the dried mix in a blender and pulverize. 5) bag and store. The procedure outlined is for small scale production,when commercialization of product is the objective then bigger machines are utilized. The machines are a combination of all the parts outlined above,see Powdered eggs at your fingertips,order yours today. #bakery #cosmetics #pharmaceuticals #salon. call now!!!