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Friday, December 16, 2016

Data and agriculture.

The role of ioT in agriculture has shown the future,with robots ,sensors and scanners doing various tasks on the farm to ensure a bountiful harvest. The digitization of normal farming activities makes the running of the farm easy and more flexible to run. A company Prospera has built very interesting technology that centers around monitoring crop growth, in order to optimize it. Farmers have some data to work with now to optimize production such as weather readings and low-resolution satellite images, but it turns out not to be enough. The new robotic system, called Prospera, aims to save plants by detection of pest invasion before they are even visible to farmers. This is done by using a network of cameras and sensors, it immediately detects invaders and knows when crops are sick. It then alerts and tells farmers exactly why through an app. Prospera has come up with low-cost sensors that can obtain temperature and humidity data; and low-cost cameras that measure light/radiation and gather valuable images. The devices can communicate over WiFi or 3G mobile data technology and can often run on solar power. This approach has been making technology with great efficacy in indoor agriculture, increasingly applicable in outdoor settings too. Prospera act as a data company not just one that helps customers collect data and act on it, but one that builds data intelligence and thus domain expertise. The use of predictive applications and prescriptive applications are also used to monitor farms. The sensors collect hundreds of thousands of data points about plants' health. These include issues with pests, diseases, nutrients, irrigation, and climate. Prospera's system also monitors and archives facts that affect plants' nutrition, like temperature, pH, CO2, and oxygen. The cameras monitor the plants 24-7, and when something's wrong, they send photos and sensor data to the cloud. The system then analyzes the data, creates a summary on the app, and pings the farmer. The app also provides real-time data about the plants, even if they're all healthy. Using machine learning, Prospera's system can predict when a plant might be at risk depending on the time of year or upcoming weather patterns. This means that the longer the bot's system works on the farm and the more data it collects, the smarter it becomes. This application can also help alert farmers to where they need to prune and harvest so not only is the data collection made more economical, but the methodical analysis of the collected data, and the dispatch of responsive action, is made more feasible and economical as well.see