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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Soil health, food security and climate change.

The way we farm not only affects soil,the quality of produce and climate changes it also impacts on our health and the productive ability of the land. The aggressive cultivation of land,combined with indiscriminate use of chemicals ,not only pollutes the environment,but has been identified as a source of poisoning. Deteriorating soil causes problems with our food supply and, surprisingly, leads to more carbon in the atmosphere. See what farmers and nonprofit organizations are doing to improve our farmland and our environment. There is a need to do something about this according to the recommendation of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Its 2015 report states that “33 percent of land is moderately to highly degraded.” In fact, the report reads, “the majority of the world’s soil resources are in only fair, poor or very poor condition.” The effort is really just about changing the focus from the crop to the soil and what does the soil need so we don’t have to add a ton of fertility every year.” Reducing added fertilizers—natural or otherwise—meant giving scheduling priority to soil-building crops above revenue-producing ones. more