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Monday, December 19, 2016

Poultry farmer and chicken droppings.

When blood is seen in cecal dropping this is indicative of coccidiosis, treat entire flock immediately and ensure bio security measures. When chicken droppings contain white and green substances….. what does that mean for the chicken? Droppings with urates (white) and bile (green). The bile indicates an empty intestine (starvation) and/ or an infection (such as IBD). The urates are a waste product of protein break-down (proteolysis). The health status of birds could easily be accessed from symptoms,signs and most definitely from appearance of droppings hence observation is key in poultry management.The success of the poultry business is hinged on the rapid interpretation of signs,symptoms and an active prevention and treatment protocol. The faster diseases are diagnosed or outbreak prevented the higher the profit margin and turn over of business. The watch word is listen--observe--act ..