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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Human urine as fertilizer.

Human urine as fertilizer.Urine, which most of us consider as waste, is a valuable resource which we can use directly as fertilizer.Urine is very safe, hygienic, easy to handle and collect, and easily available. An environmental engineer, Mr Isaac Bryant, said that human urine was part of domestic waste water, which could be used as fertilizer. The lecturer said that using urine as fertilizer posed minimal health risk to both the environment and human beings. He advised countries to tap into the resource rather than rely on chemical fertilizer which, he said, impacted negatively on the environment and posed a health risk to humans. He opined that instead of using chemical fertilizer for crops, human urine is better. “We can use human urine to cultivate crops such as maize, okro, tomato, pepper, garden eggs and some other vegetables. more