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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Korean pepper (Beauty Pepper) claims to reduce high blood sugar levels.

Korean pepper claims to reduce high blood sugar levels. We all love peppers,because they spice up life, increase your tasting experience and some say that they are healthy and make you loose weight. In Korea you can now also buy a special pepper that contains high AGI Beta-Carotene contents, which claims to decrease blood sugar levels. The so-called 'Beauty Pepper' from Korean seed breeder Asia Seed rapidly wins terrain in local supermarkets and might come to a pharmacy near you soon. The Beauty Pepper is a non-pungency variety, which means it does not taste hot, sharp or spicy. Yet, the variety is tasty and crunchy. According to Asia Seed, the crunchy and juicy texture of the pepper makes it a favorite among consumers who emphasize a responsible and healthy lifestyle. "It contains high contents of Vitamin C, A, B, Zinc and. These nutrition factors are essential for modern people", the company said in a news release. The high natural AGI (alpha glucosidase inhibitor) contents in the pepper make it a natural solution to drop blood sugar levels source