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Monday, July 17, 2017

How to use old tyres in leisure parks. #agrotourism.

How to use old tyres in leisure parks. #agrotourism. Agrotourism is a fast growing trend in developing countries,but can be further harnessed to grow the economy. Agrotourism is peculiar to every country with each country showcasing various breeds and strains The uniqueness of the project can be amplified by using indigenous settings,crafts and ornaments to dictate the theme of your park. The money making potential of agrotourism ,read The theme of your leisure park could be made very unique and cheap with old tyres. Old tyres can be used as seats,flower beds, rides ,swimming pools slides and hanging castles alongside other things. The use of old tyres provides a ready source of materials and income for both the park owners and collectors /distributors of old tyres,so instead of burning tyres and polluting the environment turn them to cash and beautify your environment. The potential of turning tyres to cash is massive and can be a goldmine if the uses of tyres are exhausted. A value chain can be formed from using old tyres as they can be used in various fields 1) shoe industry,can be used to make cheap but durable shoes. 2) agriculture 3) agrotourism 4)education. Job opportunities abound in the chain,just imagine if old tyres can be set up as demonstration farms in schools,or the tyres are used to beautify our environment e.t.c. This is how to use old tyres in leisure parks. #agrotourism.